Here are some Research Projects I composed at Brown University (Year 09-10)

I find that my best work is that which is not taken too seriously; thus, for my final projects in classes in college and in high school, I have used research projects and creative writing as ways to display my love for music, and I’ve used my music to tone down the seriousness of my research projects. I hope you enjoy!

A Time to Dream, an illustration inspired by a dream.

WPSYC 0550: Dream Radio Episode “College Students and the Subject of Rest: Uses, Benefits, Side Affects, and Warnings Regarding Daily Naps between 15-90 minutes for Young Adults Ages 18-24.” Created for PSYC0550: Introduction to Sleep Final Project (songs “Pillowcase” based on “Ball and Chain” by Sublime, “Sleep Again” based on “See You Again” by Miley Cyrus, and “Umbrella” based on “Umbrella” by Rihanna)

Anatomy of the medial frontal and prefrontal cortex. From Nature Reviews, Neuroscience 4, 637-48. (August, 2003)

Final Paper for Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience (COGS 0720) on Schizophrenia and Working Memory

Twelve-week old Paca, new to the Rosenfeld family in April of 2009.

PSYC 0900: Learning and Conditioning Final ProjectThe Cats Meow“, featuring original music and produced video by Sam Rosenfeld, footage and photos by Alvin Rosenfeld


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